General Information

EP Tutors (El Paso Tutoring) is dedicated to help students in our community that are struggling with their math classes and standardized tests. We know every person is unique and mathematics can be difficult some times. This is the reason we focused in creating a personal one to one learning experience. We have bilinguals tutors.

How It Works
We want to make the tutoring session as comfortable as possible so we work one-on-one person. On-on-one can take place at the public spaces such public libraries, student’s home (see terms and conditions), school or in-site. Just let us know what your preferences are.

Contact us for totally free initial consultation. In it, you can let us know what your needs are and define the tutoring area where help is needed. You can schedule it by calling us at (915) 600 - 2704 or by using the easy to contact form. Our hours of operation are from Monday -Friday 9:00 am - 8:00 pm, Saturdays from 8:30 am - 4:00pm and Sundays from 9:00am - 12:00 pm.

After the initial personal interview and contract signed, we assign a tutor and we will start tutoring session on the specific areas and schedule agreed.

Please refer to terms and conditions for tutor responsibilities.

Want to be tutored at home?
That’s no problem! This is our speciality and we will more than happy to do it. Please note that when tutoring at home,there must be an adult in case the student is less than 19 years old all the time. Because safety comes first, all our tutors will identify their selves with a valid ID. You can also visit our tutors section to verify that the tutor is registered with us. In this section, you can see tutor’s photo and general information about his/her tutoring subject, education and tutoring experience. If you have any question regarding our tutor, you can call us any time to (915) 600 - 2704 and we will answer any question you may have.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Because satisfaction is our goal, the first hour of tutoring might be refundable if for some reason you are not completely satisfied.
We are tutors working in public schools with background in mathematics. We know the current material public schools are covering. We are 100 % committed to help students succeed.
Fast Easy and Affordable
  • There are no hidden fees.
  • It is always free to talk with us before beginning a session.
  • The lesson costs $15-25/hr on average.
  • Pay as you go.
  • Save money with with our math workshops and homework help sessions.
  • Most of our tutors are bilingual English / Spanish.
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